tesla_model_x_1Several days ago, we reported that over in China, an accident occurred and it involved Tesla’s autopilot feature. According to the driver and other Tesla owners in the country, they claimed that the company had marketed the autopilot feature as a self-driving feature, meaning that they did not take the safety precautions that Tesla had required when using the feature.

It would seem that Tesla thinks that maybe their marketing had been a bit misleading which is why according to a report from Reuters, the company has since removed the word “autopilot” from its website, along with the Chinese term “zidong jiashi” that would seem to indicate self-driving rather than assisted driving, which is what autopilot really is.

According to a Tesla spokeswoman who emailed a statement to Reuters, “At Tesla we are continuously making improvements, including to translations. We’ve been in the process of addressing any discrepancies across languages for many weeks. Timing had nothing to do with current events or articles.”

It has also been reported that Tesla employees have since undergone additional training. This is to ensure that when they are demonstrating the autopilot feature, that they keep two hands on the steering wheel at all times to let customers know that this is not a self-driving feature.

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