Porsche To Give Taycan Owners Three Years Of Free Charging

Porsche shared some good news today for prospective owners of its Taycan electric vehicle. It announced that customers will be provided with three years of free charging at Electrify America charging stations across the United States. Taycan owners will be eligible to get an unlimited amount of 30 minute long charges as part of this promotion.

Aston Martin Shows Off Electric Sedan Prototype Driving

Aston Martin is best known for its luxury sports cars but the company has been working on a fully electric sedan which it says has been engineered to “retain and enhance the feel, character and delivery of the V12-engined Rapide S.” The company’s CEO Andy Palmer tweeted a milestone moment for the upcoming vehicle recently. The video shows its Rapide E prototype driving under its own power for the very […]

Ducati Confirms That Their Electric Bike Is Coming

While electric cars are starting to become more commonplace, the same can’t really be said for electric bikes. However there some bike makers such as Harley-Davidson who are trying their hand at making electric bikes, and now recently it looks like superbike maker Ducati has also confirmed that their electric bike is on its way.

Ford Announces Plans For All-Electric F-Series Pickup Truck

Ford has been heavily investing in technologies that will bring about the future of mobility, such as electric and autonomous driving technology. The company has announced at an event in Detroit that it’s going to be making an all-electric F series pickup truck. It has been working on a hybrid version for the truck since 2015 but that project will remain completely separate from the all-electric version.


First Cadillac Electric Vehicle Teaser Released

It was reported last week that General Motors will now be leading its push in the electric vehicle market under the Cadillac brand. A teaser image of the first Cadillac electric vehicle has now been posted online. As part of the company’s new strategy, Cadillac is now its lead EV brand and will be aggressively competing in this nascent market.

Cadillac May Lead GM’s Electric Vehicle Push

General Motors reportedly wants to push its electric vehicle efforts through Cadillac. According to a report, Cadillac is likely going to be the lead electric vehicle brand as the country’s largest car manufacturer is expected to launch a new Cadillac-branded electric car to take on Tesla.

Chinese Company Makes An Electric Car That Costs $9,000

Thanks to companies like Tesla, there is this impressions that electric cars are expensive, although to be fair other car makers don’t price them that cheap either. However it seems that China might have the answer to that problem in the form of the ORA R1 from Great Wall Motor, an electric car that costs about $9,000.

Porsche Taycan Prices Will Be As Much As $130,000

Many Porsche fans are looking forward to the company’s first fully electric car. Unveiled a couple of years ago as the Mission E, it will hit the roads as the Porsche Taycan. The company has revealed the Porsche Taycan prices and the top-of-the-line model is going to set customers back over $130,000.

Volkswagen Unveils Mobile EV Charging Station

Until the day comes when electric car chargers are readily and easily available everywhere, we imagine that it might take some convincing for people to adopt electric cars. However for those with range-anxiety, it seems that Volkswagen might have the answer in the form of a mobile EV charging station.

Europe To Get 100% Tesla Supercharger Coverage In 2019

The Supercharger network is key to enabling Tesla owners to take substantial road trips with their electric cars. That’s what enables owners to drive from coast to coast in the United States. The company is working to further expand the network’s coverage in Europe. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that Europe will get 100 percent Supercharger coverage in 2019.

First Infiniti Electric Crossover Concept Due Next Month

Nissan’s Infiniti will be commemorating its 30th anniversary in January by showing off the concept for its first all-electric crossover vehicle. The concept is going to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The concept will offer a glimpse into Infiniti’s design framework for its future electric vehicle plans.

Porsche & BMW Unveil EV Charger That Adds 100 KM In 3 Minutes

It used to be that one of the downsides to owning an electric car is that it requires the use of a special charger. This is versus regular cars that can be refueled at gas stations that can be found easily. Electric cars also used to take a long time to charge, which once again made it feel like a disadvantage compared to regular cars where refueling only takes minutes.

Tesla Testing Autopilot Support For Traffic Lights & Roundabouts

So far Tesla’s autopilot feature seems to do pretty well handling itself on the road. However we suppose improvements can always be made, and the good news is that Tesla owners can look forward to new autopilot features and improvements in the future, according to a recent tweet by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

California Gets The Nation’s Fastest Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicle owners in California will now have access to the fastest EV chargers in the nation, if not the planet, even though they can’t really be used at this point in time. Volkswagen’s Electrify America has installed the first publicly available 350kW electric vehicle chargers in California, at Simon’s San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore Valley to be precise.