Porsche And Boeing Team Up For An Electric Flying Car

No one really knows what the future of transportation holds. Right now, many seem to be betting on electric and autonomous vehicles, where not only are they expected to be more energy efficient and better for the environment, but they will also be safer. However, while other companies seem to be building autonomous electric cars, Porsche and Boeing are eyeing the skies.

Tesla’s Latest Acquisition Hints At Plans To Make Their Own Batteries

Companies like Apple tend to be pretty self-sufficient where they try to make everything themselves. This makes a lot of sense because it means that they won’t have to rely on others, in the event that there is a dispute, and that they can also better control the quality of their components and also get it to do what they want it to do.

Custom Horns, Movement Sounds Will Be Coming Soon To Tesla Cars

Due to the fact that electric cars rely on an electric motor, it tends to be a lot more quiet compared to regulars. While it is good for noise pollution, it’s not necessarily the safest for pedestrians who might not notice that a car could be behind them or coming around the corner, which is why more carmakers are starting to introduce fake car engine sounds to help warn people […]

Bosch Wants To Use Tiny Explosions To Make Electric Cars Safer

Sometimes cars can explode and catch on fire upon an impact following an accident. While some might assume that electric cars are safer due to the fact that they don’t have a fuel tank, that’s not necessarily true because with the vehicles being outfitted with so many electrical components and the battery, fires and explosions are also a possibility.


Researchers Looking To Develop Electric Car Batteries That Could Last A Million Miles

Like all batteries, the batteries found in electric cars have a limited lifespan. This means that eventually at some point in time, they will start to degrade in which they will stop offering up the same range as they once did when they were brand new. However, researchers are hoping to fix it.

Someone Parked Their Tesla On A Stranger’s Lawn And Stole Their Electricity

The problem with electric cars is that they need to be recharged. If you’re not diligent about keeping it topped off, there is a good chance you could find yourself out of battery, and since chargers aren’t exactly widely available, it can be rather inconvenient. However, if you ever do find yourself in such a situation, maybe don’t do what this couple did.

Apple’s Car Plans Remain Unclear, But They Are Still On A Hiring Spree

Apple’s plans for their own electric/self-driving is an open secret, although it was earlier this year that it was suggested that the company’s car project could be scrapped. Whether or not they have is unclear as Apple has yet to confirm or deny anything, but it seems that things could be progressing as intended.

Lotus’ Electric Hypercar Can Fully Charge Up In 9 Minutes

How long does it take for you to fully refuel a car? Probably a couple of minutes at most. However, the same cannot be said with electric cars where even with today’s charging technology, it will take considerably longer compared to refueling a car, but Lotus is hoping to change that.

UK Government Wants All New Homes To Have EV Chargers

Most homes don’t have dedicated electric car chargers but that could change in the United Kingdom down the line. The government there has unveiled a new plan to mandate that all new build homes come with an EV charger. This initiative, according to the government, is meant to support “the growing uptake of electric vehicles within the U.K.”

Apple Exploring The Idea Of Wirelessly Charging Electric Cars

At the moment, the way electric cars are charged is by plugging it into a charger, much like our phones, tablets, and so on. This isn’t really an issue, but the problem is that we imagine that over time as more electric cars populate the market, it means that these charging stations could get quite busy.

Harley-Davidson Offer Free Charging For Its Electric Motorcycle

As some of you know, Harley-Davidson has created its own electric motorcycle in the form of the LiveWire. As with electric vehicles, the LiveWire will require charging to keep it juiced up, but the good news is that if you’re the owner of a LiveWire or plan on buying one, you’ll be pleased to learn that Harley-Davidson has announced that these bikes will be eligible for free charging.

Mini Cooper SE, The First All-Electric Model, Coming March 2020

The iconic Mini Cooper has now been electrified. A concept was shown about two years ago and it became clear at that time that the BMW Group was thinking about launching an all-electric version of this vehicle. It today unveiled the Mini Cooper SE, the first all-electric version of this vehicle, and it’s set to hit the road come March next year.

BMW’s Electric Vehicle Chargers Available Close To US National Parks

BMW wants you to be able to experience the great outdoors and not be bound by the range constraints of your electric vehicles. To that end, the company teamed up with multiple U.S. agencies two years ago like the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation to donate 100 EV charging stations in and around national parks across the country. Most of the EV chargers are now up and […]

Jaguar Is Building An All-Electric XJ Sedan

Jaguar is getting in on the electric vehicle bandwagon as well. It has revealed plans to manufacture a range of new electrified vehicles at its plant in Bromwich, the UK. The company has committed to offering electrified options for all Jaguar and Land Rover models from 2020. It confirmed that one of the first vehicles under this plan will be an electric version of its famous XJ sedan.