Tesla To Investigate Video Of Parked Car Exploding In China

Since electric cars contain huge batteries, there is that fear of it potentially exploding and catching on fire, similar to what we’ve seen in the past with smartphones. Fortunately, for the most part, we haven’t really heard about exploding cars, at least until recently where it seems that a video making its rounds in China has Tesla a bit worried.

Audi Delays First Electric Car Due To Battery Shortage

According to a new report, battery shortages have forced Audi to delay the delivery of the E-tron, its first flagship fully electric vehicle. The company has apparently not been able to source enough batteries from LG Chem, the company that’s supplying this crucial component for its electric vehicles.

New Electric Vehicle Registrations Have Doubled In The U.S.

All-electric vehicles are gradually becoming more popular among consumers even though they still account for a small percentage of the total market in the United States. The latest analysis by IHS Markit shows that new registrations for electric vehicles have doubled in the United States since last year.

Tesla Could Upgrade Older Model S And X With Longer Range Motors

One of the problems that electric car owners typically face is range, where unlike gas or diesel cars, it’s harder to find a place to recharge your car compared to fueling it up. This has changed over the years where we’re seeing more charging stations, but they are nowhere as ubiquitous as a gas station.


Over Half Of All Cars Sold In Norway Last Month Were Electric

Norway has embraced electric cars in a way no other country has. It’s already one of the biggest markets in the world for fully electric cars and the country has now achieved another milestone. Over half of all new cars sold in Norway last month were fully electric, according to the Norwegian Road Federation.

Norway Working On Wireless Charging System For Its Electric Taxis

At the moment electric cars still need to be plugged in when charging. The problem with this solution is that it can be slow and due to the limited nature of these plugs, it also means that other cars might have to wait longer than you might wait for a car to get refueled using more traditional methods.

Next James Bond Aston Martin Could Be An Electric

James Bond, the man with a license to kill, is always seen going about on Her Majesty’s service in the latest Aston Martin sportscar. Some of the company’s most iconic vehicles have featured in 007 films and to reflect the changing times, we might see an electric Aston Martin in the next James Bond movie.

Fisker Confirms New Electric SUV For Under $40,000

With Tesla unveiling an affordable SUV a few days ago, Fisker has now announced that it’s going to build a similar electric SUV as well. The company has said that this SUV will be priced under $40,000 and will have some advantages over its rivals. This includes greater range compared to the base Model Y variant.

Tesla Model Y Crossover Officially Announced

Tesla has been dabbling in quite a few different car models, but in case the Model 3 sedan wasn’t really your style, then you might be pleased to learn that Tesla has since taken the wraps off its latest car model: the Model Y. The Model Y is a crossover car and the company has been steadily teasing its unveiling for the past few years.

Elon Musk Expects A Cheaper Tesla In The Next Few Years

While we’re sure that there are probably a few out there who would be more than happy to adopt an electric car, the costs of such vehicles tends to be on the pricier side. Tesla’s cars are a perfect example, although the company has been trying to find ways of reducing the price through more affordable models like the $35,000 Model 3.

Polestar’s Tesla Model 3 Rival Is Now Official

Polestar, Volvo’s standalone electric performance brand, has unveiled a new vehicle which is its answer to the Tesla Model 3. This is the brand’s first all-electric vehicle called the Polestar 2. It’s a five-door fastback and it seems like the company has developed it to deliver tough competition to the Model 3 in key markets such as the United States, China, and Europe.

Internal Emails Hint Leasing Option For Tesla’s Model 3 Could Be Coming

Tesla makes some very impressive cars in terms of their design and also performance. Unfortunately that combination has resulted in cars that are a little out of the price range for more than a few, not to mention the fact that they are electric cars, it gives customers additional pause, especially when trying to decide if these cars might be worth investing in.

Nissan Will Reuse EV Batteries To Power Camping Trailers

The problem with a lot of our modern technology is that they use materials that are rare or hard to dispose of. The irony is that some of these components are finding their way into products designed to promote greener living, such as electric cars. However, Nissan thinks that they might have the answer to that problem.

Porsche To Give Taycan Owners Three Years Of Free Charging

Porsche shared some good news today for prospective owners of its Taycan electric vehicle. It announced that customers will be provided with three years of free charging at Electrify America charging stations across the United States. Taycan owners will be eligible to get an unlimited amount of 30 minute long charges as part of this promotion.