Elon Musk Says A 400-Mile Range Tesla Is Coming Soon

One of the reasons why customers are still hesitant at adopting electric cars is due to range-anxiety. This stems from the early days of electric cars who had extremely short ranges which required them to be charged constantly. Combine that with the lack of chargers back then created a stigma surrounding the concept of EVs.

Mazda’s Electric Car Will Finally Launch In 2020

We expect that eventually, all our cars will become fully electric. This seems like a logical progression given the focus and emphasis placed on sustainability, and many car makers have actually been increasing their efforts at making EVs. Heck, even non-car companies such as Walmart are also doing their part by expanding on the number of charging stations available at their stores.

Walmart Will Expand On The Number Of EV Charging Stations By The End Of The Year

As the number of electric vehicles grow, it also means that there needs to be more charging stations created. This is because unlike gas stations which can be commonly found, EV charging stations still aren’t quite as ubiquitous yet. There have been major improvements made over the years, but we reckon that there’s still a lot more that could be done.

Tesla Will Soon Start To Downgrade The Model 3 Standard Range’s Software

If you are the owner of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, we have some bad news for you. This is because Tesla seems to be sending out emails to the owners of the car and are informing them in the coming week or so, they will be downgrading the software used in the car. However, the good news is that Tesla will be giving customers a chance to upgrade […]


Tesla’s Upcoming Pickup Truck Could Outperform A Porsche 911

In the world of electric cars, Tesla’s vehicles stand out namely due to their design, in which they sport very futuristic and sporty looks. They are also known for their performance where Tesla’s electric cars have helped dispel the myths that suggests that electric cars will never be as fast as regular gas-powered cars.

Honda’s Compact EV Will Swap Out Side Mirrors For Cameras

Side mirrors on cars have been more or less a standard as far as we can remember. However, it seems that Honda believes that there could be a better solution in the form of cameras and they have since started to implement that with their Honda E compact EV, where they have taken the side mirrors off and replaced them with cameras.

EVgo Teams Up With Chevron To Install Fast Chargers At Filling Stations

Electric vehicle owners in California will now be able to charge their cars at select Chevron filling stations in the state. EVgo has announced that it has teamed up with Chevron to install fast chargers at the latter’s select filling stations in California. These fast chargers will be of up to 100kW capacity.

It Could Soon Be Illegal For Gas Cars To Park At EV Charging Stations

Given that EV charging stations aren’t quite as ubiquitous as gas stations at the moment (they are slowly getting there), it means that it isn’t quite as convenient or simple for EV car owners to recharge their cars. To make things worse, there have been reported instances of how some gas car owners who park their cars at EV charging stations.

Tesla To Investigate Video Of Parked Car Exploding In China

Since electric cars contain huge batteries, there is that fear of it potentially exploding and catching on fire, similar to what we’ve seen in the past with smartphones. Fortunately, for the most part, we haven’t really heard about exploding cars, at least until recently where it seems that a video making its rounds in China has Tesla a bit worried.

Audi Delays First Electric Car Due To Battery Shortage

According to a new report, battery shortages have forced Audi to delay the delivery of the E-tron, its first flagship fully electric vehicle. The company has apparently not been able to source enough batteries from LG Chem, the company that’s supplying this crucial component for its electric vehicles.

New Electric Vehicle Registrations Have Doubled In The U.S.

All-electric vehicles are gradually becoming more popular among consumers even though they still account for a small percentage of the total market in the United States. The latest analysis by IHS Markit shows that new registrations for electric vehicles have doubled in the United States since last year.

Tesla Could Upgrade Older Model S And X With Longer Range Motors

One of the problems that electric car owners typically face is range, where unlike gas or diesel cars, it’s harder to find a place to recharge your car compared to fueling it up. This has changed over the years where we’re seeing more charging stations, but they are nowhere as ubiquitous as a gas station.

Over Half Of All Cars Sold In Norway Last Month Were Electric

Norway has embraced electric cars in a way no other country has. It’s already one of the biggest markets in the world for fully electric cars and the country has now achieved another milestone. Over half of all new cars sold in Norway last month were fully electric, according to the Norwegian Road Federation.

Norway Working On Wireless Charging System For Its Electric Taxis

At the moment electric cars still need to be plugged in when charging. The problem with this solution is that it can be slow and due to the limited nature of these plugs, it also means that other cars might have to wait longer than you might wait for a car to get refueled using more traditional methods.