Last month it was revealed by that Valve had ultimately decided to discontinue its Steam Link box. For those unfamiliar, the Steam Link device basically allowed gamers to stream games from their PCs onto other devices, like their TV, thus giving gamers the freedom to play PC games in the comfort of their living room without having to hook up their computers to the TV.

It was a simple, straightforward device that pretty much did as advertised, although perhaps not many people saw the need to stream their games, which is why maybe Valve decided to end production. However there is good news for those who still want the Stream Link box. Valve has decided to share the Steam Link app for the Raspberry Pi 3 and 3 B+, meaning that technically you could make your own Steam Link device if you wanted.

The company has also provided gamers with instructions on how to install it on the Raspberry Pi 3 or the 3 B+, which for those unfamiliar will cost around $35 (it is currently on sale for $30), so it is a rather inexpensive way for users to build their own Steam Link device if they’re so inclined. We imagine that you might be able to find second-hand Steam Link devices out there, but if you want the fun and satisfaction of building your own, this could be one way of going about it.

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