Is game streaming the next big thing? It could be, at least according to EA and Ubisoft who had both previously expressed that they think that game streaming could be the future. In fact companies such as Google have explored the technology where they successfully managed to stream a playable version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey within Chrome.

Now it seems that Amazon could be next in exploring the tech, at least according to The Information (paywall; via Android Police) who claims that the company could be developing its own streaming platform. It is unclear when this platform is expected to debut, if at all, but it shouldn’t really come as a surprise given that Amazon has already explored music and video streaming, so why wouldn’t game streaming be next, right?

Game streaming actually makes a lot of sense since it means that it lowers the barrier of entry for games. This is because all the processing and intensive hardware stuff is usually done in a remote server, so all gamers need is a device that can be streamed onto. It also technically means that you could play games on any device, like a smartphone, tablet, or PC, which in turn also removes limitations of games that sometimes skip certain platforms like macOS or Linux.

However to date game streaming hasn’t quite caught on yet, but like we said, there are huge advantages to it and hopefully we’ll see it become more adopted in the future.

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