With internet speeds being as fast as they are today, streaming music and videos directly is possible. This is a concept not lost in the gaming industry where the idea of being able to stream video games has been floated in the past, with many companies trying their hand at establishing their own service.

EA seems to think that game streaming is indeed a future of the gaming landscape, which is why they have since announced Project Atlas. This is EA’s attempt at creating its own cloud-based game streaming platform, and the company is certainly betting big on it as according to the announcement, the company has 1,000 staff who are working on it.

According to EA, “We’ve been developing software that utilizes the cloud to remotely process and stream blockbuster, multiplayer HD games with the lowest possible latency, and also to unlock even more possibilities for dynamic social and cross-platform play. Beyond that, we’re investing in cloud gaming to enable deeper personalization, and to eventually create a world full of user generated content — blurring the lines between the discrete domains of game engines and game services.”

EA is not alone in their attempts to create game streaming services. We’ve seen how Capcom has attempted to use game streaming to bring Resident Evil 7 onto the Nintendo Switch. Microsoft themselves have also recently announced their own Xbox game streaming service in the form of Project xCloud, and Google is also getting in on the action where they recently allowed gamers to play a demo of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via its Chrome browser.

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