Getting a good night’s rest is paramount in you functioning properly the next day. However we get it that sometimes falling asleep can be hard, but Casper is here to help as the company has recently announced the Glow. This is a smart night light that is designed to help users get a better night’s rest.


Shaped like a cylinder, the Glow uses a 2,700K LED that will emit a warm hue. This hue is said to be gentler on the eyes compared to the blue light that we typically get from our smartphones. The hue will also make falling asleep easier as the Glow will gradually dim itself at bedtime over the span of 45 minutes.

There will be an accompanying app that users can use to control the lamp, and it can also be used to sync with multiple Glow devices around the home. It also has an interesting way of turning on and off, where if you flip it over, it will turn off, and if you flip it again it will turn on. Its small and portable nature also means that you can use it as a lamp at night if the power goes out or if you’re trying to find your way to the bathroom.

It is an interesting device if you’re into these kinds of things. The Casper Glow is priced at $89 for a single unit, but if you don’t mind getting the two-pack, it will be priced at $169 which is slightly cheaper.

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