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Facebook at one point in time was seen as a “cool” amongst the younger crowd, but there have been some studies done in the past to suggest that the social platform was no longer viewed as being “cool” with the youth as other platforms such as Snapchat gained popularity. However it looks like Facebook wants their younger audience back.

A report from TechCrunch has revealed that Facebook is apparently trying to win teens back over to its platform with the development of something called “LOL”. We’re not sure if it’s short for something besides the obvious, but apparently it is supposed to act as a meme hub where users can find funny videos, GIF-like clips, and so on – basically things that Facebook thinks teens might like.

LOL is said to be in private beta at the moment where about 100 high school students are said to be part of it and have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Facebook has since confirmed the existence of the hub which they claim will be a “home for funny meme content”. The social network also states that they are undecided as to whether or not LOL will be part of Facebook’s main app or if it could launch as a separate app.

We’re not sure if this platform will be a success amongst teens since it does feel like Facebook is trying a bit too hard, but who knows, maybe it might work.

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