There are many reasons why users will want to change their DNS. A good reason is privacy where using another DNS could prevent your ISP from tracking what you are doing. Another reason is that it allows users to bypass certain blocks or restrictions that their ISP might have in place, like access to certain websites.

Google’s Public DNS is one of the more popular ones available at the moment, largely thanks to the fact that it works and is free. Now it seems that Google has made some changes and updates to it (via Android Police) where it will now be fully compatible with Android 9.0 Pie. “We implemented the DNS-over-TLS specification along with the RFC 7766 recommendations to minimize the overhead of using TLS. These include support for TLS 1.3 (for faster connections and improved security), TCP fast open, and pipelining of multiple queries and out-of-order responses over a single connection.”

Basically the idea is that with these changes, it will make it even harder for your ISP or others to spy on what you are doing on the internet. However this will require users to have a device that supports DNS-over-TLS, which Google’s announcement is now saying that all devices running Android 9.0 Pie should support. For those who want to know how to set it up, head on over to Google’s website where there are instructions on how to change your device’s DNS.

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