Instagram allow users to have multiple accounts. For example a business owner might have one for their business, and another one for their personal use. This is pretty common practice. Now it seems that in an update to the app, Instagram will allow users to post to multiple accounts at the same time.


This means that if you’re a social media manager who is juggling many accounts at once, you’ll be able to post the same content to all those accounts at the same time. This is versus in the past where users had to post each post manually. Instagram has since confirmed the roll out of the feature. “We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts.”

That being said, there are some who don’t necessarily think that this feature is as useful as it seems. This is because different accounts have different “personalities”, where if you’re posting under a personal account you might want to make it sound more personal and intimate, versus post on behalf of a brand where you can choose to come off sounding more professional.

In any case we suppose the feature is there if users want to take advantage of it. Whether or not they do is a different story but the option is available.

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