Due to the way smartphone platforms have been designed, it locks users in by tying their purchases to their accounts. This means that switching from iOS to Android and vice versa isn’t quite as simple or straightforward as switching shampoo brands. This is also why it’s not surprising to see that users are remaining loyal to their choice of platform.

In fact according to data from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it appears that loyalty rates to both iOS and Android are at an all time high. According to their data, Android loyalty is at around 92% and has marginally beat out Apple who is sitting at around 91%. CIRP also points at how this increased loyalty could also indicate longer upgrade cycles which could explain why devices like the iPhone aren’t selling as well anymore as more customers are holding onto their phones longer.

According to Mike Levin, Partner and Co- Founder of CIRP, “Loyalty hit the highest levels we’ve ever measured. Both systems have seen loyalty trending upward for the past several quarters, as customers have become comfortable with the features and consistency of their operating system. Learning a new operating system takes effort, so fewer and fewer customers have found the need to switch. This, coupled with the quality and reliability of new phones is likely contributing to the longer upgrade cycles we are witnessing”

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