It’s easy to see why Apple’s iPhone XS Max is a more attractive option over the iPhone XS. Price aside, the larger display alone makes it more compelling since it is the largest display Apple has ever used for an iPhone. This is why it isn’t surprising to see that Mixpanel’s data (via Cult of Mac) is showing that the iPhone XS Max is outselling the smaller iPhone XS.

However it seems that the iPhone XS Max might be outsold by the iPhone XR based on the same data in which it shows that the latter is quickly catching up. At this point it is obvious why that might be, and it comes down to pricing. The iPhone XR is a much cheaper alternative to the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Granted it doesn’t sport an OLED display or a dual camera setup, but it still offers up the same performance thanks to the use of a similar chipset and clever photo software that mimics what the dual lens can do. That being said despite the iPhone XR poised to overtake the iPhone XS Max, it still doesn’t necessarily paint a very good look overall.

As you can see in the graph, Apple’s older iPhones are way higher up in terms of adoption compared to the newer iPhones. The gap is pretty large and we’re not sure if they will be able to catch up. We have also been hearing reports that Apple has apparently slashed production of the new iPhones by 10% for the first three months of the new year due to weak demand.

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