Lenovo and Amazon have partnered to launch a couple of new Lenovo Smart Tab tablets named M10 (~$199) and P10 (~$249) that are powered by Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.


When docked, the tablets go into “show mode” and awaits for voice interaction, while displaying typical information on the screen such as time, weather, news, etc. Just like the Lenovo Smart Display (powered by Google), there is an opportunity to take advantage of the screen to provide a visual context.

In our review of the Lenovo Smart Display, we quickly realized how great it was to have visual information because if you’re looking at a weeks’ worth of weather prediction, or multiple recipes choices, these are not easy to convey only using audio. These tablets have a higher display quality than any smart assistant we’ve seen to date.

Using a dock is a great way to increase actual usage of tablets, and I know for a fact that mine doesn’t get used nearly enough since I only take it out for very specific work situations where battery life is critical. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and perhaps Lenovo and Amazon will prove it.

The dock provides Power, but in this case, it also has four Dolby Atmos speakers that will greatly raise the level of sound quality for listening to music or watching videos. Typically, the internal tablet speakers will not be powerful enough to project great sound, even in a moderately sized kitchen.

The tablet connects to the dock by pogo pins, which means that you don’t have to aim for a USB port.

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