Articles about Amazon Alexa

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 and P10, Powered by Amazon Alexa
Lenovo and Amazon have partnered to launch a couple of new Lenovo Smart Tab tablets named M10 (~$199) and P10 (~$249) that are powered by Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.

KOHLER Konnect and Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror for the Smart Bathroom
Kohler, a leading brand in kitchen and bathroom fixtures since 144 years, is coming to CES 2018 with a new lineup of smart home products powered by a new software platform, KOHLER Konnect, that will bring voice-control into the bathroom and the kitchen. KOHLER Konnect supports various voice services and allows users s to interact with the of the new smart Kohlerproducts via an iOs or Android app using voice-commands, […]

Lenovo Home Assistant Pack Extends Tab 4 Tablet Capabilities
#IFA2017, #ShowStoppersIFA – The Lenovo assistant is a specialized speaker that was created to turn Lenovo’s Tab 4 tablets (8 and 10 inches) into an always-on voice assistant powered by Amazon’s Alexa. At first, the idea may seem strange at first, but a full-on Amazon Echo costs $179.99, and the Echo Dot sells for $44.99, Lenovo would provide something in-between with better speaker performance for a price of $69.99.

Brilliant Control, Smart Home Control with Touch Display and Voice Command
Brilliant Control is an innovative smart home controller equipped with a touch display that you can install in minutes by replacing on of your regular light switch with it, and… it does not require a smartphone!On the paper, the device looks way easier to install than smart home hubs such as Smarthings, which is compatible with over 200 smart devices and does not offer such an intuitive user experience.Brilliant Control […]


Lenovo Unveils Its Own Amazon Alexa-Powered Smart Assistant
Amazon hasn’t just limited its Alexa digital personal assistant to its own Echo hardware. The company is working with other manufacturers who want to integrate Alexa into their products. Lenovo is one such company. It announced the Lenovo Smart Assistant today which is powered by Amazon Alexa. It works very similarly to the way Amazon’s own Echo smart speakers do.