Apple’s MacBook Pros represent the best that Apple has to offer in terms of laptops where they are not only compact, but powerful enough to make video edits even on the go. As such they are expensive and you would think that by paying a premium, you would be getting a premium grade product.

Unfortunately for some MacBook Pro owners, that isn’t the case as quite a few are now reporting that they are experiencing backlighting issues on the displays of their laptops. This seems to be affecting MacBook Pros dating back to 2016 and even some of the newer ones, suggesting that this might have been a problem for a while now that Apple has yet to address.

According to iFixit who highlighted the problem in a blog post, this could have been caused by the use of fragile flex cables. “When it first debuted, the design seemed fine. But as always, the devil is in the details. Apple opted for thin, fragile flex cables as opposed to the beefier wire cables used in previous designs that could be routed through the hinge instead of wrapped around it, helping mitigate the stress of repeated openings and closings.”

The problem with this is that because it can take a while before the issues manifest themselves, eventually when the problem does surface, the laptop would be outside of the warranty period which means a hefty repair bill of around $600. So far some customers have had luck with free repairs or reduced cost repairs thanks to AppleCare+, while others were asked to pay in full.

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