There are several things that can affect how fast a phone feels. Naturally the processor speed would be one of them, then we also have RAM which can help keep apps running in the background without having to close them, and then there is also storage which affects the read and write speeds.


Now thanks to recent benchmarks, it seems that the upcoming OnePlus handset could feature pretty fast UFS 3.0 storage. The screenshot shared by Ice Universe on Twitter from the benchmarks has revealed that the phone could feature read speeds upwards of 2,000MB/s, which is way faster compared to UFS 2.1 which clocks in around 800MB/s.

OnePlus won’t be alone in using UFS 3.0 as Samsung is also said to be looking to include it in their future handsets, such as the upcoming Galaxy S10. Speaking of upcoming phones, it is unclear which model of the OnePlus was benchmarked. We know that the company is working on the OnePlus 7, but at the same time they are also developing a separate 5G handset, so it is unclear which version was tested.

However we wouldn’t be surprised if UFS 3.0 storage made its way to both handsets since this is 2019, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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