As far as the best-selling Nintendo console of all time is concerned, that honor goes to the Nintendo DS which is sitting at over 154 million units. The N64 on the other hand has sold around 32 million units in its lifetime despite it being far down the list, but it seems that the Nintendo Switch is steadily making its way to the top.

According to Nintendo’s recent earnings (via Engadget), it has been revealed that the company had sold 9.41 million Switch consoles the last quarter, which means that it is now about 660,000 units behind the N64 which means that it won’t take long for the Switch to surpass the N64 in lifetime sales.

Like we said, the N64 is sitting pretty low in the top Nintendo consoles sold, but the fact that the Switch is on its way to surpass it certainly highlights the growth and popularity of Nintendo’s console. If the company is capable of maintaining its growth with new games and updates, we wouldn’t be surprised if it could eventually overtake the SNES which has sold 49 million units in its lifetime.

We’re still pretty far away from that number but at the rate the Switch is growing, there is a good chance it could eventually hit it in its lifetime.

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