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Nintendo Switch Close To Surpassing The N64’s Lifetime Sales
As far as the best-selling Nintendo console of all time is concerned, that honor goes to the Nintendo DS which is sitting at over 154 million units. The N64 on the other hand has sold around 32 million units in its lifetime despite it being far down the list, but it seems that the Nintendo Switch is steadily making its way to the top.

N64 Controlled Hacked To Work On The Xbox One
The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console, while the N64 is Nintendo’s console from back in the late 90s, but interestingly enough it seems that with a little tweaking, the folks over at Hyperkin have somehow managed to hack the N64’s controller and get it up and running on the Xbox One.Both consoles are from different generations so admittedly it is a nice touch to see their hardware working together. […]

Tron Legacy-Themed Nintendo 64
We sure have been seeing a lot of love for Nintendo’s last video game console to use game cartridges, the Nintendo 64, within the modding community. We recently saw the N64 Book Case Mod, which we felt would be a perfect modification for you if you love reading as much as you love your videos games. Today, we’re seeing another Nintendo 64 mod that pays homage to TRON Legacy.

N64 Book Case Mod Combines Your Love For Reading And Video Games
What do you do if you’re a fan of old-school video games, but at the same time, you can’t imagine your life without a good book to snuggle up with and read until the wee hours of the morning? You could always have a bookcase as well as a shrine to your love of video games, or you can combine them, just like Reddit user JHood_ did.


This Nintendo 64 Controller Pillow May Have You Dreaming Of Video Games
If you got your hands on the SEGA Dreamcast Backpack when it debuted in Japan earlier this year, something tells us you’re a fan of old-scoop gaming consoles and aren’t afraid of showing your adoration for them. That’s why when we saw this Nintendo 64 controller pillow, we know you’d definitely appreciate it.

Honey, I shrunk the Nintendo 64
Do you have fond memories of the Nintendo 64? Some say that this was one of the better video game consoles from Nintendo – do you agree with that statement or no? The thing is, it was particularly large and chunky, but thanks to the wonders of modernization and progress, an enterprising modder (who does not go by the name of Ben Heck by the way) has managed to shrink […]

Small N64 controller guaranteed to cramp your hands
While playing with this super small N64 controller is going to cramp your hands in the long run, and for the more sensitive among us, just after a short while of gaming, it should not be equated to something like the foot binding practice in ancient China which was extremely painful for the women. After all, the women of the day did not have a choice or say as to […]

Nintendo 64 goes portable in mod
The Nintendo 64 is the last home console for Nintendo that relied on cartridges while the rest of its rivals have already moved on to CDs and DVDs, but that doesn’t mean it is a loser in any way. No sir, the games that came out for it might be fewer than the rest of the consoles, but most of them were top-notch titles that had plenty of replay value. […]

N64oid: Nintendo 64 emulator released for Android
Fans of the Nintendo 64 with Android phones – rejoice. Thanks to N64oid, a Nintendo 64 emulator, you’re now able to bring your favorite Nintendo 64 games with you wherever you go.  The app that’s been worked on for over a year has just been released on the Android Market. While you can download the emulator from the Android Market, you won’t be able to obtain any game ROMs there. […]

iNto64 Mod Turns Your N64 Console Into A Portable Device
Want to create your own portable Nintendo 64 gaming console, but can’t figure out how to do so? Well, a user called John Grayson has put up a good 20 videos that provide a step-by-step guide to turn your N64 into a portable console. The modded console uses two Canon BP-915 camcorder batteries to offer you about 3 hours of game time, a Sony PS screen, the N64 console motherboard, […]

Portable N64 hack reaches new heights
In terms of size, of course, as this version will target an over-under control scheme compared to a side-by-side version, resulting in a smaller overall size which is always a good thing for your hands since playing it for hours on end might just leave you with a bad case of painful fingers (and perhaps even arms). Wonders never cease with folks coming up with new ways to turn old […]

Princess Peach Castle N64 Case Mod
Now here’s something you don’t see everyday – the Princess Peach castle N64 case mod that really takes the cake. It looks pretty much similar to the original Princess Peach castle depicted in Super Mario 64 in full 3D glory, where it looks much better in real life compared to what you’ve seen on the console all those years ago. The eBay listing stated that “the exterior of the castle […]