Recent rumors had suggested that Oppo was working on a 10x optical zoom system for smartphones. The company has confirmed this much itself. It is indeed developing a smartphone camera system that has a 10x zoom lens. It will be similar to the 5x zoom prototype that Oppo unveiled a few years back, one that never made it to an actual smartphone.

Oppo has revealed some details about the new camera system that it’s developing. It would be something that we’ve never seen before on a smartphone but it remains to be seen if Oppo will actually ship smartphones with this system.

The camera system will be 15.9-159mm equivalent so it will begin with an ultrawide perspective and zoom into a medium telephoto. Oppo claims that this will be able to achieve “lossless” zoom but since the system basically has three prime lenses in one, that claim can only be quantified once the system is in our hands.

The company hasn’t said what the aperture here is but does mention that the lens has optical image stabilization. Oppo will be showing off this camera system at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona next month. It’s yet to confirm if the system will be shown as part of a finished product like a new smartphone.

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