Like many modern cars, Tesla vehicles have cameras all around them to power advanced driving aids. The company regularly rolls out new features through updates which leverage existing hardware to make lives easier for owners. The “Sentry Mode” is going to be one such feature. It will enable the cars to record video in 360 degrees.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased this feature in response to a tweet in which a Tesla owner had lamented about finding a dent on their Tesla. Musk was tagged in the tweet which expressed a wish for Tesla vehicles to offer a 360 dash cam feature.

Musk responded simply by saying that Tesla Sentry Mode will be coming soon for all cars with Enhanced Autopilot. That means that this feature will be available on all Tesla vehicles with Autopilot 2.5 Hardware. The hardware already allows for 360 degree surround camera views so it wouldn’t really be difficult to offer a dash cam feature.

There are little details on how this feature will actually work. Whether the 360 dash cam feature will be always on or if it will only be switched on once the car detects an impact or break-in. Musk didn’t elaborate on these points but it’s likely that he’ll follow up with more information once the feature is close to being rolled out.

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