From time to time we hear reports that Twitter could be testing out a new feature. Usually Twitter doesn’t really announce that they are testing something unless someone finds it and they confirm it. However for the most part, these tests are extremely limited to a subset of users, which is a good way for Twitter to test features that won’t impact the majority of its users.

However that approach could be changing soon because according to a report from Engadget, Twitter is now looking to test some of its features in a more public setting and are enlisting its users to help. Basically it sounds like this could be a public beta program of sorts where users can sign up to take part in it and try new features before they are released to the masses.

However it has been noted that while anyone can sign up, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be chosen. Engadget notes that Twitter already has a similar testing platform called the Experiments Program, but what makes this different is that these features can be shared and tested in public so that everyone can see what’s going on.

According to Sara Haider, director of product management at Twitter, “We want to develop a service for the people that are using it, and we have to involve people in that way. We have a platform that the world uses to speak their mind, why not use that as part of our development process?”

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