It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has the potential to be used for warfare. That’s something the United States Army is looking into. The head of the army’s acquisitions has said allowing artificial intelligence to fully control some weapons systems may be the only way to defeat some enemy weapons.

Bruce Jette, assistant secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics and Technology, has questioned the prudence in restricting artificial intelligence for weapons systems.

“People worry about whether an AI system is controlling the weapon, and there are some constraints on what we are allowed to do with AI,” he said during a talk at the Defense Writers Group breakfast in Washington, adding that this could hinder the army’s ability to use artificial intelligence for increasing reaction time in weapons systems.

Jette added that “Time is a weapon,” and that if AI can’t be involved in properly managing systems and firing sequences then, in the long run, it results in losing the time deal. “Let’s say you fire a bunch of artillery at me, and I can shoot those rounds down, and you require a man in the loop for every one of the shots,” he explained, adding that “There are not enough men to put in the loop to get them done fast enough.” So this task could potentially be delegated to artificial intelligence in that scenario.

The army is trying to build an AR architecture that’s enduring, doesn’t fire on its own and doesn’t get to fire with no constraints. The idea is to develop a good command and control system which allows the military to benefit from the AI and speed up some of its systems.

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