#CES2019 – Uber started out as a ride-hailing company, a service meant to be offered as an alternative to taxis. The company later expanded their offerings where they began using their cars and drivers to help deliver food as well. This isn’t surprising as companies need to evolve, and last we heard, Uber was planning to conquer the skies next.

Now at CES 2019, the concept design of Uber’s sky taxi has been revealed. Dubbed the Bell Nexus, this is a flying taxi concept created by Bell who is one of Uber’s partners on flying taxis. The concept will feature the use of a hybrid-electric propulsion system and will use Bell’s signature powered lift concept that incorporates the use of six tilting ducted fans.

According to Mitch Snyder, Bell’s president and CEO, “The industry has anticipated the reveal of our air taxi for some time, so Bell is very proud of this moment. We believe the design, taken with our strategic approach to build this infrastructure, will lead to the successful deployment of the Bell Nexus to the world.”

Uber had previously stated that they are aiming to test their flying cars in 2020, although given the incident involving an accident with their self-driving cars, we have to wonder if these plans might be delayed as the company could be looking to introduce better safety protocols. Of course there is also the question of whether or not sky taxis will become a thing, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

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