It’s not uncommon for video games to be adapted into movies but whenever that happens, the games tend to have themes or a plot as well as characters that are central to the story. Ubisoft’s Just Dance doesn’t really have that but someone in Hollywood is betting that it will be able to make the studio a fair bit of money. Sony’s Screen Gems has acquired the motion picture rights to Just Dance. According to reports, there was actually a bidding war for the rights.


Deadline reports that Screen Gems acquired the motion picture rights for Just Dance after competitive bidding. It will develop a movie based on this franchise which happens to be the bestselling music video game ever with more than 120 million players across all demographics.

Ubisoft Film and Television and Olive Bridge Entertainment will be developing and producing the project. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshid said during the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 that the company wants content which gets recognized across multiple platforms.

A major chunk of Just Dance’s players use Sony’s PlayStation even though the game isn’t exclusive to this platform. Some of Sony Music’s top artists are featured in the game and will most likely be featured in the movie as well.

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