Videos about challenges and pranks tend to do quite well on YouTube. There has always been a debate on where does one cross a line when it comes to content of this sort as there are more than a few instances where people have taken things to far just for fame and fortune on YouTube. In light of the recent Bird Box-inspired challenges being posted on YouTube, the video streaming giant has simplified its policy on the matter by dropping the banhammer on dangerous challenges and pranks.


YouTube has updated its guidelines to reflect that all dangerous and harmful challenges and pranks are now banned on the site. These include activities that can cause “severe emotional distress” to kids or make targets feel like they’re in “serious physical danger.”

It has cleared up its policy on the matter days after a teenager crashed a car during a Bird Box challenge attempt. For those who are unaware, Bird Box is a Netflix movie that has gained popularity over the past few months. Characters in that movie have to navigate while blindfolded in order to save their lives.

YouTube is giving channels a two-month grace period for this so it won’t impose a strike against them if they violate the policy. However, any offending videos that were posted before of during the grace period will be removed.

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