There are various streaming services in the market right now, which could be a good thing for consumers, but at the same time, it has created a very competitive space for companies who are now all vying for a slice of that pie. With the competition being so fierce, Amazon thinks that they might have one way to fight back.


In a report from the Hollywood Reporter, it seems that Amazon’s plan to fight back against the rise of competitors is by releasing more exclusive content. This is expected to come in the form of movies in which the company has plans to release as many as 30 movies a year. This was revealed during a Q&A interview with Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke.

Salke also talks about Amazon’s strategy when it comes to releasing new movies and how it differs from the likes of Netflix. “You’ll see less of the three month window, and you’ll see different variations. Even through the Sundance, I learned a lot about just how flexible we can be with those models, and they really vary. In some cases, it’ll be important for us to get the movie quickly to the service, while still following through with a theatrical release that feels much shorter, two weeks even, two to eight weeks. And then in other cases, we’ll allow, where it makes sense, a wider release strategy.”

That being said, both Netflix and Amazon can expect even fiercer competition later this year. This is because Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+, is expected to launch this year. Given Disney’s brand and reputation that they’ve built up over the years, you can expect them to put up quite a fight.

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