Due to the fact that the majority of our electronics are powered by lithium-ion batteries, it carries the risk of the device exploding and catching on fire. For the most part the number of devices exploding and catching on fire is pretty low in the grand scheme of things, but when it happens, it can be disastrous.

Such is the case from back in 2017 where an alleged defective iPad caused a fire resulting in a man dying. Now it seems that the man’s wife has decided to file a lawsuit against Apple for “wrongful death”, “survival action”, and “strict products liability”. Unfortunately details about the cause of the explosion is unclear, so we can’t say for certainty as to what happened or caused the fire apart from what is being alleged in the lawsuit.

However we should point out that to date no iPads have been recalled due to a potential fire hazard, so there is a chance that this could be a one-off incident. Like we said, a lot of our devices run on lithium-ion batteries which carries the risk of such incidents. Samsung is a company well-aware of this problem as the Galaxy Note 7’s exploding batteries did cause a pretty big scandal for the company, although one that they have since managed to recover from.

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