Capcom has seen considerable success with the Resident Evil 2 remake so it’s understandable that fans would be interested to find out if the company plans on giving a similar treatment to other titles in the franchise. Capcom has said that it’s open to the idea of a Resident Evil 3 remake, provided that fans want it.

Resident Evil 2 isn’t the only legacy title that Capco has remade. It did the original Resident Evil as well, granted it wasn’t as expansive as the latest one, but at least it brought the original title to the current-gen consoles.

This makes Resident Evil 3 a good candidate for a remake as not only would it become playable on modern consoles, it’s also set 24 hours before the events of Resident Evil 2. It also uses some of the same assets and locations in the game.

Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi was open to the idea in a recent interview, saying that it depends on feedback from fans whether this game gets remade. Capcom had been hearing from fans regarding the Resident Evil 2 remake for years before it decided to go along with the project.

So nothing is confirmed right now with regards to a Resident Evil 3 remake. Fans of the title can rest assured that Capcom will make it happen if enough demand is present. It remains to be seen, though, if and when this might happen.

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