Word processing applications such as Microsoft Word typically come with their own built-in grammar suggestion tools. This means that as you type, it will be able to pick up on any grammatical errors you might be making and suggest ways to correct it. Now it looks like that feature will be making its way onto Google Docs.

Google has recently announced that they will be introducing grammar suggestions to Google Docs for its G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise customers. Google is boasting how they use AI to help pick up on and detect any potential grammatical mistakes that you might have made, making it a more complex and robust tool.

According to Google, “Using machine translation, we are able to recognize errors and suggest corrections as work is getting done. We worked closely with linguists to decipher the rules for the machine translation model and used this as the foundation of automatic suggestions in your Docs, all powered by AI.”

It is unclear when the feature will be rolled out to all users, but if you are G Suite customer then this could be worth keeping an eye out for. In the meantim,e there are alternatives that users can consider if they’d rather not use Google’s own grammar suggestions, such as Grammarly which seems to be a very popular alternative.

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