Google Fiber, the internet search giant’s gigabit internet service, was launched in Louisville, Kentucky alongside San Antonio, Texas back in 2017. The former now has the distinction of being the first market where Google will be shutting down the service. Google has since expanded Fiber to some 9 states across the country.

Google has officially confirmed that it has decided to no longer offer the Google Fiber service in Louisville. The reason has to do with the way the service was rolled out in the market. The method that Google used to lay down the fiber wasn’t simply burying it in the deep.

Google placed the fiber in smaller trenches throughout Louisville in a bit to speed up the rollout and also cut down on costs. This has resulted in service issues that are proving costly to fix.

The company says that it would simply cost too much to fix this issue as it would have to build the network from scratch once again. It doesn’t see value in that so it has decided to leave the market. Google Fiber users in Louisville will be able to use the service until April 15th and with the service charges for these next two months being borne by Google.

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