Tesla has a point to prove with its new Roadster. The company wants to show that supercar owners can get their speed fix even with a vehicle that does not require a drop of petrol. Besides that, all-electric cars are better for the environment because there are no CO2 emissions. Supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg is looking at this from a different angle. It’s working on a “CO2 neutral” hypercar which will couple electric power with its “freevalve” combustion engine technology.

Koenigsegg founder Christian von Koenigsegg has said in an interview that the company is working with the National Electric Vehicle Sweden company to develop a $1.15 million hybrid supercar that’s going to be “completely CO2 neutral.” This would be made possible by making the company’s engine technology work in harmony with electric power.

The resulting vehicle would be a “lightweight, sporty” car that’s going to be greener than its predecessors and won’t rely entirely on electric power. Christian predicts that there will be a shortage of battery cells once Tesla and other companies begin mass producing more all-electric vehicles. This solution will help Koenigsegg navigate the predicted supply shortage with ease.

No further details were released about this new supercar but the founder did mention that the car would look similar to Koenigsegg’s previous models. This should provide fans with the peace of mind that the company’s flamboyant design will be carried forward. This hybrid supercar is expected to be ready by next year.

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