Electric cars used to get a pretty bad rap as being slower (in terms of getting from 0-60mph) and being able to travel shorter distances before requiring a recharge, at least compared to more traditional gas-powered cars. However those perceptions have definitely changed over the years, and Tesla is certainly helping with that narrative.


The company has recently held an event in which they unveiled the new Roadster (the first model having been announced way back in 2008), a car which they are claiming is the world’s fastest production car that can go from 0-60mph in a stunning and jaw-dropping 1.9 seconds. Tesla’s CEO also claimed that the Roadster would only take 4.2 seconds to go from 0-100mph, and is capable of clearing a quarter mile in just 8.9 seconds.

Musk would not confirm the car’s top speed, but stated that it would be above 250mph. Exactly how many of us would actually reach those speeds or come even close is probably a very small fraction, but it’s still good to know. The new roadster will also be packing a 200kWh battery and a 620-mile range, which Musk claims will allow drivers to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back without recharging.

Of course with such power comes a pretty hefty price tag as well. The new Roadster will be priced starting at $200,000, and customers who want to reserve the base model for themselves will have to drop a deposit of $50,000. So, any takers?

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