It’s now finally possible to merge your Fortnite accounts if you have been meaning to share cosmetics and V-Bucks across different platforms. It has long been possible to play the game with your friends regardless of the platform they were on but the difficulties in managing game resources left a lot to be desired. With this change, players can access a single account on multiple consoles, but their inventory is going to be locked for a couple of weeks after they merge accounts.


The procedure is simple enough. First select a primary account which is the one you will continue playing with. Then pick the secondary account which instantly gets linked to your console login. There is a caveat, though.

One of the accounts being merged must have been played on the Xbox One or Switch and the other on the PlayStation 4 before September 28th, 2018. The account can ostensibly not be banned. It will also be possible to merge PC, mobile, and Mac accounts.

It depends on the game mode which items can be transferred. Save the World players can pool their Perk Materials, Heroes, Llamas, Defenders, Schematics, Survivors, XP, and Evolution. Battle Royale players are allowed to merge all cosmetic items.

Those who are interested in merging their Fortnite accounts can now do so through Epic’s website. However, a fortnight’s worth of wait is required in order to gain full access to the inventory.

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