It has been a while since Samsung launched a new Blu-ray player in the United States. There’s actually a good reason for why we’ve not heard anything about such a product from the company in recent months. Samsung has decided that it’s going to exit the U.S. Blu-ray market altogether.


The company has confirmed to Forbes that it will no longer be launching new Blu-ray players in the United States. It didn’t provide the reason behind this decision. The scribe’s sources mention that Samsung was planning to release a high-end model later this year but that has now been scrapped.

With more and more people opting for streaming services, Samsung was competing for a piece of a market that continues to shrink. That’s despite the fact that 4K Blu-ray disc sales have been going up even though overall disc sales declined almost 12 percent in the third quarter of last year.

One can obviously make the argument that you stand to get better quality through a Blu-ray player as compared to streaming but it’s really about convenience more for most people. Moreover, they can’t use their physical discs on mobile devices, whereas streaming services enable users to take their content with them and even watch it when they don’t have an internet connection.

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