There have been rumors that Nintendo could be working on a refreshed Switch console. This isn’t surprising given that other console makers such as Sony and Microsoft have been known to introduce new and updated models during a console’s lifecycle. This is according to a report from Nikkei (via The Verge) who claims that a smaller, more portable, and more affordable Nintendo Switch could be in the works.


The report claims that this Nintendo Switch will be focused on portability and that certain features of the console might be cut in order to make it cheaper. There is no mention of what those features might be, so it is unclear what features might be omitted in order for the console to be priced more affordably.

While the Switch is already pretty portable, it still requires gamers to carry around a case for their console if they wish to bring it out with them. This is versus Nintendo’s DS handheld lineup which could easily be slipped into your pocket. Interestingly enough a more portable Switch does have the potential to replace the DS lineup, which Nintendo had previously stated that they would not be doing.

The report also claims that the console might be released this year, although it should probably be taken with a grain of salt for now as Nintendo themselves have stated that they are not considering a successor or a price cut to the Nintendo Switch at the moment, although we suppose a cheaper variant of the Switch is technically not a successor nor is it a price cut.

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