With YouTube having been around for so long, the platform can be found on all kinds of platforms, with each platform sporting a distinct UI designed to be used on certain devices. However for some reason, it seems that YouTube is testing out a mobile-like interface for its web counterpart.


This discovery was made by researcher Jane Machun Wong where in the video below, you can see how this UI seems to be similar to its mobile website. One of the main differences we’re seeing is how the description seems to be in a frame of its own, meaning that users can scroll down through the description while keeping the video on top.

It also seems that this design has moved the comments to the side below the recommended videos. As we said, this is a similar design as its mobile counterpart where the comments are nestled beneath the recommended videos. The upside here is that just like the descriptions, the comments can be scrolled through while the video maintains its position.

It is an interesting design, but as is usually the case with all tests, there is no guarantee that what we see might actually become a reality. This means that there is a good chance that this design may never make it into the main version of YouTube, but in the meantime what do you make of it? Is this a design you are on board with?

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