Companies such as Apple would very much prefer if users were to go back to them for device repairs. We’re not sure if its a money issue where going to a third-party repair company would cause the company to lose revenue from repairs, or if it could be a safety issue. Unfortunately for iPhone users, sending your device to third-party repair shops has some downsides.


For example did you know that if you sent your iPhone for a battery repair at a third-party shop, your device would no longer be eligible for repair at a Genius Bar or an authorized service provider? Thankfully it appears that Apple could be doing away with that controversial practice. This is according to French publication iGeneration and MacRumors that points towards an internal Apple document.

According to the document, it seems that devices that might have their batteries replaced at third-party repair shops will still be eligible to be repaired at a Genius Bar or an authorized service center. This means that as long as the problem is not with the battery, you can get your device fixed officially.

However note that this only applies to third-party battery replacements, which means that if you went to a third-party shop for a display replacement or something else, you could still be denied official service.

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