Back in the day, Apple had pretty clear distinctions between its computers where each product was priced differently enough to appeal to different customers. For example the MacBook Air was one of Apple’s more affordable laptops, but with the launch of the 2018 model, that line got blurred even further.

According to the critics, the difference in price between Apple’s laptops got so small where it would be a better idea to pay a bit more to upgrade to the MacBook Pro. This is something that Apple is hoping to change, according to the company’s CEO Tim Cook who recently had a talk with some of the company’s investors.

According to Cook, he revealed that one of the company’s goals is to eventually lower the price of its $1,200 MacBook Air. It is unclear how much of a price drop we can expect, but hopefully we will see it go back to the earlier days where the MacBook Air represented a pretty good value for money purchase at around $1,000.

This would also not be the first time in recent times that Apple had to reconsider its pricing. The new iPhones are now priced through the roof to the point where it has affected sales and where Apple was forced to offer discounts and extend trade-in deals to encourage sales. Cook had also previously stated that the company could consider revising the prices in select markets which might be particularly weak against the US dollar.

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