Millions around the world are no doubt excited for HBO’s upcoming eighth and final season for its Game of Thrones series. The season is expected to debut on the 14th of April, although as some of you might have heard, the season will be shorter in terms of the number of episodes.

However to make up for it, we have also heard that some episodes, especially the final episode of the series, will be a long one, at least longer than what we were previously used to. If you’re the type that likes to plan their Game of Thrones viewing parties, then you might want to take note of the episodes’ runtimes.

This is according to a report from Winter Is Coming where they spotted the runtimes for each of the episodes on HBO’s programming schedule page. According to their findings, the first episode will run for 54 minutes, while the second will run for 58 minutes; the third for 60 minutes; the fourth for 78 minutes; the fifth for 80 minutes; and the sixth and final episode also for 80 minutes.

This means that the final two episodes will run for nearly three hours combined, almost as long as a movie! We have heard reports that the final battle in the series will be an epic one that took more than a month to film. Safe to say that the hype is very real and hopefully it will live up to our expectations. In the meantime if you don’t mind a bit of spoilers, you can check out the official trailer here.

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