You may have heard that Google+ will bite the dust on April 2nd but it’s not going to be the only Google service to meet its demise on that day. The company has now started sending notifications to Inbox users that the service is going to bid farewell on the same day.

Google sent out emails late last year to confirm that it would shut down Inbox in 2019. It has now been sending notifications to Inbox users that their preferred email service will be going away on April 2nd for good.

The notification that is being sent out has a link to open the Gmail app. This can be viewed as an attempt by the company to ensure that affected users stick with a Google email solution and not move to many alternatives available in the Play Store.

Those who already use Gmail won’t notice that much of a difference. That’s because Google ported over many of Inbox’s most useful features to Gmail, such as Smart Compose and Smart Reply. However, those who really liked Inbox will miss some other features such as bundling, but there’s no way to stop Google from taking away Inbox now. This was due to happen and it will now happen early next month.

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