It was back in 2014 that Google’s Gmail team launched an experimental email app called Inbox. It worked with users’ existing Gmail addresses but provided a different user experience compared to the main app. The app was developed with mobile devices in mind with the features to match. However, the experiment seems to be over as Google is reportedly going to shut down Inbox next year.

Inbox later became the testing ground for new features such as Smart Reply which were later added to the main Gmail app. Many of Inbox’s features and improvements have gradually made their way over to Gmail that at this point in time there’s little reason to continue using the former.

Google is set to announce later today that it’s going to discontinue the app in March next year. The news won’t really be appreciated by those who have grown to love the app for precisely the fact that it’s not Gmail.

Google has shown over recent months that it’s going to bring new features faster to Gmail. Perhaps the company will now be focusing its energies on improving the Gmail app even more and that too faster than it has ever done before. Users can always enable the Gmail setting which lets them experience features that are in the experimental stage and are not enabled by default.

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