You’d think that top executives of tech companies would prioritize using the company’s devices over that of its rivals. They certainly make sure that they’re seen using their own devices at press and industry events. That doesn’t mean they don’t use or even prefer competitors’ products on their own time, as Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou did. Wanzhou is the CFO of Huawei Technologies. She also happens to be the daughter of Huawei’s founder so the company is a bit more close to home for her than any other employee.


She has largely maintained a low profile but made headlines across the globe when she was detained in Vancouver, Canada in December last year on allegations of breaching U.S. sanctions against Iran. The arrest has caused tensions between both countries as Huawei maintains that her arrest is politically motivated.

The merits of the case aside, a report from Bloomberg reveals that Wanzhou appears to be quite fond of Apple products. When she was taken into custody at Vancouver airport, among her possessions were an iPhone 7 Plus, an iPad Pro, and a MacBook Air. Huawei makes notebooks and tablets as well but she wasn’t carrying them, according to court filings, but she did have a Porsche design Huawei P20 smartphone with her at that time.

Huawei does come down hard on employees that don’t use its products. Two employees were recently demoted when they sent out a Happy New Year tweet on behalf of the company using an iPhone. Given that she’s caught up in considerably more serious issues, I think Huawei may give Wanzhou a pass this time.

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