Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops don’t come cheap, but the good news is that if you were thinking about picking up a new MacBook Pro from Apple, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple seems to have reduced the price for some of the MacBook Pro models. These price changes appear to be permanent instead of being a limited-time sale, so you should be able to take advantage of it anytime.

However we should note that these price changes only seem to be affecting the higher-end models. For example the 15-inch MacBook Pro, if customers were to upgrade from 512GB to 4TB of storage, the price is now $2,800 versus $3,200 from before. We’re not sure who would actually pay that much to get a 4TB SSD, but it will save you a few hundred now.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is also affected by these price changes, where upgrading to the 2TB SSD option has been reduced by $200, which is still quite pricey but we suppose saving yourself a couple of hundred is still pretty good. Unfortunately like we said, these changes only seem to be applicable to the higher-end upgrades, so unless you have a need for a high capacity SSD in your laptop, you might not be able to take advantage of these price changes.

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