Last month there was a report that Razer could be done with phones, or at least they might have hit the pause button on the development of new hardware. This was based on a report that Razer had laid off the majority of their mobile division. However a rumor from earlier this month sparked some hope that the Razer Phone 3 might not be dead after all.

Unfortunately, it looks like we could have gotten our hopes up for nothing. In an interview with Richard Lai of Engadget, the company’s CEO seems to have downplayed any expectations for a third-gen Razer Phone. When asked about the Razer Phone 3, Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan avoided making any definitive statements.

Instead Tan simply stated how the Razer Phones “have done phenomenally well”, and that the lineup “has delivered whatever we wanted it to deliver”. He also noted that the industry is going through an awkward phase at the moment as we are transitioning to 5G phones. “If I buy a phone this year as a gamer, I want to buy a 5G phone, but if I buy a 5G phone, there’s no network to use it on.”

All of this seems to suggest that Tan is tempering our expectations for a Razer Phone 3. However, it’s not all bad news because Tan states that the company still has a pretty large engineering team and the capability to make a smartphone if they wanted, so maybe this is more of a pause than the end of the line, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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