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Razer Phone Android Pie Update To Arrive Soon
The first Razer Phone was very well received as it was a proper gaming phone with a unique 120Hz screen. The company’s software support for this device has left a lot to be desired, though. It’s still on Android Oreo and even the security patch is a year old. The company has now said that the Razer Phone Android Pie update is going to be out soon.

Razer’s CEO Downplays The Possibility Of The Razer Phone 3
Last month there was a report that Razer could be done with phones, or at least they might have hit the pause button on the development of new hardware. This was based on a report that Razer had laid off the majority of their mobile division. However a rumor from earlier this month sparked some hope that the Razer Phone 3 might not be dead after all.

The Razer Phone 3 Might Not Be Dead After All
Last month it was reported that Razer might have killed off their Razer Phone lineup. This was based on a report that revealed that Razer had laid off some members from its smartphone division. Razer did not fully confirm whether or not the Razer Phone was dead, but now a report from DigiTimes has revealed that maybe the Razer Phone 3 might not be dead after all.

Razer Phone 3 Has Reportedly Been Canceled
There hasn’t been a lot of talk about a new Razer Phone. With the company announcing its decision to close the Razer Game Store earlier this week as part of its realignment plans, many were wondering what that would mean for the future of its phone division. Some reports suggest that Razer has actually canceled the Razer Phone 3 project.


Razer Phone 2 To Get Android Pie Update February 27
If you’re the owner of the Razer Phone 2 and are wondering where the Android 9.0 Pie update for your phone is, not to worry because it looks like it should be released in the next week or so. This is according to Razer who announced that the Android Pie update will be issued to the Razer Phone 2 starting on the 27th of February.

Razer Phone 2 Update Brings About Several Improvements
As much as companies try, it is usually hard to make a product perfect the first time it launches. Thankfully with our smartphones, software updates are a good way for companies to introduce improvements and changes, such is the case with the Razer Phone 2 that recently got an update.

Razer Launches ‘RazerCare’ Protection Plans For Its Computers & Phones
The prices of our gadgets seems to be increasing these days, which means that replacing them can be rather painful on the bank account. This is why taking care of your gadgets is important if you don’t want to pay money replacing them or having them fixed. For those who own Razer-branded computers or phones, the company might have something for you.

Razer Phone 2 Has Been Certified By Verizon
A couple of days ago there were reports that some Razer Phone 2 owners were having trouble trying to use certain features of their phone on Verizon’s network. It turns out that this might have been due to a certification problem where the handset had not been certified by the carrier yet, so calls and messages sent over LTE had some problems.

Razer Phone 2 Owners Are Having Issues Activating The Phone On Verizon
The recently launched Razer Phone 2 is compatible on Verizon’s network, or at least that’s what its website claims. Heck, even Razer’s CEO announced on stage that the phone would play nicely with Verizon’s network, but yet there are some Razer Phone 2 owners who have run into trouble activating the handset on the carrier’s network.

Leaked Razer Phone 2 Render Hints At No Substantial Design Changes
Razer’s first smartphone was launched last year and it was branded as a gaming device. The company recently confirmed that it’s working on a successor to its original gaming phone. A leaked render of what may be called the Razer Phone 2 has surfaced online and if it’s anything to go by, the upcoming Razer handset won’t bring any substantial design changes.

New Razer Phone 2 Benchmarks ‘Confirm’ Snapdragon 845
Razer is expected to launch the Razer Phone 2 in the coming months. A recent sighting on Geekbench revealed that the phone would be getting some minor upgrades, and now a listing on AnTuTU has more or less confirmed what we might be able to expect from the company’s second-gen gaming handset.

Razer Phone 2 Confirmed To Be In Development
The Razer Phone was the first smartphone from the company best known for its gaming products and while it hasn’t said how well the device has performed in the market, it has subtly revealed that the successor to the device is now in development. The company has confirmed that the Razer Phone 2 is in development but hasn’t revealed a lot of details about it as yet.

Best Buy Starts Selling The Razer Phone
Razer’s first mobile device is now finally available for purchase from Best Buy. The company has previously been selling this handset through its online store, Microsoft, and Amazon. The only way potential customers could try the handset before putting money down for it was by looking for a Microsoft retail store in their city. Now that the Razer Phone is available from Best Buy, the retailer will likely have models […]

Razer Phone Android 8.1 Oreo Update Released
Razer confirmed last month that it would release Android 8.1 Oreo for the Razer Phone in April. It has been a long wait for Oreo as the company is upgrading the device directly from Nougat since it decided to bypass the Android 8.0 Oreo release entirely. Razer Phone owners will now be delighted to know that the company has started rolling out Android 8.1 Oreo for their device over-the-air.

Razer Phone’s Android 8.1 Oreo Update Arriving In April 2018
Despite having been released months ago, for some reason the Razer Phone has yet to receive its Android Oreo update. However we suppose better late than never because in a tweet by the company’s account, they have confirmed that the Android Oreo update will be released for the handset in April 2018.

Razer Launches Limited Gold Edition Razer Phone
If you’d like to buy a more blinged out version of Razer’s first smartphone, then it has launched just the thing for you. The company has announced the launch of its “Limited Gold Edition” Razer Phone. There’s nothing different about the internals, it’s the same Razer Phone that has been out for months, but it has received a minor cosmetic change to justify that limited edition tag.

Razer Phone’s Latest Update Brings HDR Support For Netflix
Earlier this month during CES 2018, Razer announced that they were working on some updates for their Razer Phone, one of which is that they will be bringing HDR support for Netflix onto the handset. The good news is that Razer Phone owners did not have to wait too long as the update is now here.

Netflix On Razer Phone To Get HDR, Surround Sound Support
[CES 2018] So far for the most part, the Razer Phone has received some pretty great reviews (save for some complaints regarding its camera quality). It seems like it is truly a phone designed for entertainment, and if you do use it from time to time to stream Netflix, you’ll be pleased to learn of an upcoming update.

Razer Phone Update Brings About Camera & Audio Improvements
When Razer first announced their plans to launch a smartphone, it’s safe to say that there was some skepticism. However upon launch and based on the reviews, many were pleasantly surprised with its features, like its 120Hz display, its high-end performance, and also its design and construction.

Razer Bundling Leviathan Mini Bluetooth Speaker With The Razer Phone
So far based on the reviews, the Razer Phone appears to have been quite well-received, saved for a few areas that could be improved upon. Then again this is the company’s first phone and we expect that these are areas that will be improved at a later date. That being said if you are tempted by it, you’ll want to act fast.