Last month it was reported that Razer might have killed off their Razer Phone lineup. This was based on a report that revealed that Razer had laid off some members from its smartphone division. Razer did not fully confirm whether or not the Razer Phone was dead, but now a report from DigiTimes has revealed that maybe the Razer Phone 3 might not be dead after all.

According to DigiTimes, “Razer is likely to launch the third edition of its gaming handset, dubbed Razer 3, in 2019 despite reports indicating it has reduced the number of its Razer team members by 30 or 2%, as it moves to enhance the competitiveness of its gaming handset business, according to industry sources.”

Based on this report, not only is Razer planning on launching a third-generation of its handset, but could also be changing up the brand to “Razer 3”. At the moment not much is known about the third-gen Razer smartphone, but hopefully Razer has learnt from its previous two smartphones and address some of the problems that were highlighted.

While the phone’s 120Hz display is beautiful, the phone did feel like it was lacking in other areas, such as its camera. If the Razer Phone 3/Razer 3 does launch, then hopefully it will come with much better cameras. That being said, the Razer Phone 2 was launched in October 2018 which means that if the third-gen model comes along, it will probably be months until we actually learn more about it.

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