There have been a couple of cases involving Tesla vehicles alleging unintended acceleration and there’s another addition to the list, this time from China. A Model S owner crashed his vehicle into the river near a Supercharger station in China. The owner claims that the car had accelerated on its own and ended up in the river.


According to reports, this Model S ended up in the river next to the Tesla Qingpu District Supercharger in Shanghai last week. The owner, Xiao Chen, was pulling into the Supercharger station when he claims the car accelerated on its own and got out of his control.

“I was from the beginning stepping on the brakes, and the car suddenly rushed out of control!,” translated local media reports quoting the owner say, adding that the owner is adamant that he was driving very slowly when pulling into the station but the car itself got out of control.

Since the car had hit shallow water once it broke through the fence, both the driver and passenger were able to safely get out of the vehicle. Tesla is reportedly investigating the matter. The logs in earlier incidents have often revealed the driver to be at fault so it remains to be seen if a similar discovery will be made in this incident as well.

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