Tesla recently unveiled its Model Y crossover SUV and also teased another vehicle that many of its fans have long been waiting for. The company’s CEO Elon Musk has previously said that Tesla will build an all-electric pickup truck and he did share a teaser of it on Twitter. The teaser didn’t reveal much but it was enough to send the fanbase into a speculation frenzy.


Tesla had actually shown the image on a screen for several seconds after the Model Y launch but it seemed like nobody paid much attention to it. So Musk tweeted it out later and that got a lot of attention right away, as Musk’s tweets tend to do.

Musk has described the unannounced vehicle as a “cyberpunk” truck that’s inspired by Blade Runner. There aren’t a lot of details about it available right now as you’d expect and the teaser itself makes it difficult to understand what part of the vehicle it’s teasing.

Many of Tesla’s fans have used this teaser to build 3D models of what they expect the pickup to look like. Since the part seems to be too long for the hood, there’s a belief among fans that it may be showing off the cover for the enclosed cargo space in the front. Other suggest that the angle is misleading and it may be teasing the actual front of the truck itself.

Only Tesla knows what the teaser really shows, and it won’t be telling us that for a considerable amount of time.

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