At a customer event in California, Tesla has unveiled the third-generation Supercharger charging stations which will allow for significantly faster charging of its electric cars. The new “V3” Supercharger is fully capable of charging some Model 3 vehicles at 250kW. Tesla says that this will be enough to add 75 miles of range in just five minutes. The company says that it’s going to start putting up the third-generation Superchargers starting next month.


These new chargers deliver a significant improvement over the existing V2 chargers as they have a max output of 150kW but are actually capped at 120kW. Tesla is going to change that as well, allowing them to hit a peak charge rate of 145kW in the coming weeks.

The first V3 Supercharger is open in Fremont but only to members of the company’s “early access program.” That’s a small group of owners which Tesla allows to test new versions of its software. It will speed up the installation of V3 Superchargers are more locations starting next month.

Access will “roll out to the wider fleet in an over the air firmware update to all owners in Q2 as more V3 Superchargers come online,” the company said. Tesla also mentioned that V3 Superchargers will be rolled out to markets across Europe and Asia Pacific in Q4.

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