Facebook appears to be testing a new way to view content in your News Feed and Stories on the social network. It may merge content from the two sources in a single, hybrid carousel that’s swipeable. So swiping will essentially replace scrolling on Facebook.


This has been discovered by software engineer Jane Manchun Wong who often finds out the new features that are being cooked up. She discovered that Facebook is trying out this new format and has shared a GIF on her Twitter which shows her News Feed in a carousel not unlike the one for Stories.

So if this change is implemented, users will thus be swiping or tapping left to right in order to view content as opposed to scrolling from top to bottom as they do now. This will also give it the opportunity to run Stories and News Feed content side by side.

Facebook, like many other internet companies, regularly tests new things so it doesn’t mean that this is a done deal at this point in time. The data that Facebook gets from this test may not be enough to convince the company that this is the way forward. The company hasn’t commented on this test as yet so it’s unclear at this point in time if and when it may roll this out to the public.

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