Google Pay now offers enhanced integration with Gmail to make life easier for users. It can automatically import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from users’ Gmail account. This would just make it easier for users to utilize the offers they have already received, not that they will be receiving any more offers other than the ones they have already received.

Google seems to have rolled out this change in a server-side update for Pay users. The setting allows users to pull relevant data from Gmail automatically. Things like movie tickets, airline boarding passes, loyalty cards, and more will thus show up in the Google Pay app automatically.

Do keep in mind that this setting is disabled by default. It can be enabled by heading over to the Google Pay app and accessing Settings > General > Gmail Imports. Once the setting is enabled, it will automatically look at the user’s Gmail account to pull any relevant information.

You may not immediately see the feature on your device even though Google has started rolling it out. It can sometimes take a couple of these for features like this to go live for everyone. The company does caution that deleting the email messages from where Google Pay pulls the information will cause the entries to disappear from the Google Pay app as well.

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